Will These States become the next Four States to Legalize Cannabis In 2018?

October 16, 2018

Four states are making pivotal moves in the ballot box come this november, With Michigan,North Dakota, Utah and Missouri. Ballot initiatives in these states will force the question among the people, Does its citizens see a future for legal cannabis in their state? 

North Dakota - Is looking to pass a recreationally legal 21+ for adults to use cannabis responsibly. This initiative was brought along after as much as 64% of the state was in favor of marijuana reform.

Michigan - Moves to make marijuana legal for adults over the age of 21+ for recreational legal use

Utah - Will be pushing for the use of Medical Marijuana use with almost 75% of the states residents in favor of Legalization. 

Missouri - Moves to legalize the use of marijuana for medical use only as of now. 

One thing we can all agree on is that 2018 has been the most uber political year by far, and With legislation like this on the ballot this november, there's just one more mountain of mystery as to how 2-019 will look not only for america's economy but the legal system itself.

Along with marijuana reform im sure its only a matter of time before criminals with marijuana related crimes face re hearings and re trials for their offenses as states pivot from money rackets of prisons into heavy taxed herb. I think we can all agree which one wed rather have running our states revenue streams. 

Its a good move these states have made but the battle is still far from won in many states as we push toward a more progressive law reform in this country. 

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