Cheap Bongs aren't as

Cheap Bongs aren't as "cheap" as they use to be : Consumers are winning

October 15, 2017 1 Comment

The Days Of Cheap Weed Pipes

I often sit back and wonder what happened to the good old days, when a decent cheap weed pipe cost a buck or two, and they never broke, even when you dropped them. The old school weed pipes were made right. Nice thick glass, good airflow, easy to clean. All good things. And then it started. Around 1980 in my neck of the woods. First, there was a bubble pipe. Cool looking. Amazing tokes. But broke the first time you tries to clean it with a Q-tip. Then came the multi-bubble pipe. You needed a case to take this thing around. Foam cradled the priceless possession, and it cost an insane $27.00 to buy it. It was though everyone had to have a bigger pipe, with more bubbles, and curves, and whatever else they could fit into the damn thing.


What the hell. Then came water rigs, water pipes, bubblers, and all sorts of chamber pipes, stone pipes, and pipes that don’t even have a name. And me? I stayed home with my cheap weed pipe and got baked. Then came the dab rigs and somewhere in there, I got lost in it all to appoint where I couldn’t keep up. A trip to my local head shop left me dizzy from the selection of rigs, and vapes, and pens, and 8-foot tall bongs that have more bells and whistles than a pinball machine.


What happened? Good old Chinese made glass had taken over. The world was overstocked with not cheap, but cheaply made weed pipes. The days where your little cheap weed pipe lasted a year seemed to be gone. But maybe not. A handful of concerned glass pipe companies started to bring back the cheap weed pipe in its proper form. Good solid hunk of glass, perhaps in the shape of a skull, or a wizard. The exact kind you saw on the coffee table of your high school dealers house. Ratty brown, caked with resin, no one even bothered to clean the thing. But wow, it always worked hit after hit. So with all due respect to the new world of fancy bongs and dab rigs, I say thanks but no thanks. For me at least, I am going to stick with my cheap weed pipe and stay home, get baked, and watch Gilligan's Island reruns, and wait for things to turn around.


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Jason P
Jason P

October 15, 2017

I gotta say, I definately do love my fancy rigs..there is a definately quality there you can’t deny. But at the same time I do agree..pipes at headshops have gotten WAYYYYYYY too expensive..they seem to abuse the market..but that’s also why I like OGW ..their like leveling the playing field

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