How to buy bongs online - The Tale of two bowls

October 18, 2017

How to buy bongs online, where do i even start? 

So a lot of questions arise when it comes to finding the right piece for you. Like, How much do i want to spend ? How big of a piece am i looking for? Do i like water pipes or dry pipes? Am i looking for performance or convenience?

Luckily we are going to help a little with that ! 

Budget, Everyone has a budget that's tailored to their lifestyle and finding where your price range lays will definitely be step #1  

Determine if your looking for something Branded or non Branded, Brands have different quality and diff appeal. If your price is a heavy influence on what your buying, its safe to say to go with non branded glass. But if your looking for the higher end stuff, Helix, Grav Labs, Roar, and Cheech and Chong is always a good choice without sacrificing quality..but the wallet might hurt a little. 

After you have figured out what amount of money you are trying to spend , take into consideration the quality and size of the item your looking into. Not too big, or too small but a bong that's perfect for your needs.

Do you already have a piece and want to interchange the attachments you do have? If so , it may be a good idea to get a piece that has the same joint as the one you already have, this way you can interchange all of your pipe attachments like your bowls, nails, ash catchers, etc. If you get a different joint go ahead and throw that adapter into the cart as well, your gonna need it ! 

Lastly try and determine if you want a water pipe or a dry pipe. (Water pipes can be much more filtered and less coughing) 

Now you should have a pretty good idea of what bong or bowl your looking into getting. Don't forget to add an ash catcher or upgraded bowl to your piece and really throw some flare on there. 

Deck your piece out with color matching grinders attachments and more, the sky is the limit with pipes being that they are so customizable. Make your unique to you and your always going to love the result. 


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