Saturday Wake and Bake w/ Lowery - Nov 4th

November 04, 2017

Saturdays are that day..

..the day when you get up all wide eyed and ready to take on the..NOT..I'd be lucky to get up out of bed within 2 hours of waking up. Buy today's excerpt is a personal rant of mine that I want to spill a little light on. 

When you partake (use cannabis) in today's world and are open about it, you could run into some hesitations in your social life that , well put plainly ..are sterotypical presumptions about who you are just because you choose to self medicate.

I've ran into this with women of romantic interest, Co workers, friends and essentially every form of human contact. With I'd say close to 40-50% of people not caring either way my choice to self medicate, but a slight majority do. Just to give some context I live in western North Carolina, where the FootHills meet Appalachia. Now you see where this is going..

My area has been ranked the 5th most depressing place to live in the United States..based on economy, age, education, entertainment etc. AND it happens to be the second densest area in the U.S. for prescription pain pills. Sad day.

Most of any criticism I get from my lifestyle choices are from painkiller prescription recipients. It makes me wonder, what if weed were legal ..would that help ween those addicts off of their vice? is self medication (the thing they look down on) actually their life jacket? 

Most of anyone's reasoning is that smokers are lazy (I workout 3-5 times a week) + (40-50 hrs of work). Or that they have no ambition , which is contrary to my experience ..smokers have SO MUCH ambition. Or the fact that it's technically still illegal in nc (Big Pharmacy doesn't want to lose NC so we will be close to last state to legalize ). 


It can be hard when you live in locations like mine to really feel ..involved socially. But..

Thanks to outlets like snapchat, reddit, facebook, instagram..I have found a click community that has became my smoke circle of friends. I think this small social circle is crucial to any 420 friendly lifestyle. A way for you to extend your social reach into something bigger than yourself, A way for you to not feel so unincluded in a place that has a lot of churches there's always judgement being thrown, so find your echo chamber of like minded individuals 

Get out there on your social pages and find that click. .and if you have your circle of smoke open to letting someone in your circle of people, it changed my perspective for the better and I love where I live now (even though we're not "legal") it's all about who your with, not where you're at. End rant 

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