OGW Reports: Smoke culture is here to stay

April 12, 2017

With new positions being held in the white house over recent months a lot of smokers are curious as to what may happen in their respective legal areas. We would love to be able to say that this isn't of much concern considering how deep americas foot is already in the door with smoking culture. Massachusetts is going to be a big "lets see how this goes" for the east coast. New york, New Jersey and a lot of surrounding states  are going to get tired of losing potential tax money by keeping their states illegal. As far as states already legalized, the states respective govt has too many hands elbow deep in the new societal movement to being more green. With massachusetts legalized there's a growing interest in seeing how that plays out. Mass may have just paved the way for illegal east coast states, not because they care, but because the lost potential revenue will make a few heads turn in their respective state departments. Its a shame it takes money to get literally anything going or any ball rolling, but in this particular case its only a matter of time before the politicians turn green.

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