What does 420 Friendly Mean? - There's more to it than you may think

October 19, 2017 1 Comment

420 Friendly, we hear that term alot, what what does it mean exactly? 

To some 420 friendly means merely a partaker..a semi conasuir of the herbal remedy or maybe its just a a run of the mill weed tolerance that most of society has caught onto. Or maybe there's something far deeper..

To Some 420 is not just a tolerance, or an acceptance but its a culture, and a way of life. Some people live fast and others live slow this isn't your definition but merely your aspiration. 

A restaurant can be 420 friendly, or have 420 friendly menu, public locations can be 420 friendly, or friends dorms, houses and yes of course even people ..bom bom bom !! jk 

Ta say that one is 420 friendly would at the bare minimum mean -- " I can tolerate some weed smoke now and then" ..but as our culture progresses, 420 friendly isn't just a tolerant action. Its a culture movement and as our culture dives further into cannabis the more that term will hold weight to its cultured users. So for now, 420 Friendly means..If your ok with it, im ok with it..If you hear another establish their liking for the green goodness, its a fair bet to say you two might just become best buds ;)

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Liam B
Liam B

December 05, 2017

I definately agree..420 is so main cultured now that sub cultures stem off that from culinary..to healing etc etc..its a great time we get to live in and provide an amazing structure of cannabis culture to our youth!

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