OG Chillum Pipe

October 05, 2018

Og glass chillum review

At first when I got the package I was a little worried because of how compact the envelope was ( i ordered 3 and was worried they might break in transit), but after I opened it I noticed one thing stand out. These are quality. Is it going to be the thickest chillum you ever handled? not at all , but what you get for less than $2 is phenomenal. 

With their classic OG representation and realistically thick design these Chillums offer a lot of portability along with life. ( i've been using mine for 3 months). Since then i've given a bunch of these for party favors and gifts (great idea btw). I mean its prob the best $1 gift you could give to the right person (buy in bulk to get the discount). 

Cleaning is super easy and non stressful, rinses out just fine with hot water. (pro tip, use a Q tip) Shipping took about 8 or 10 days to receive but for such a good deal, i'm not complaining. 

I give it ..(drum roll please) 

96 A+

Price: 5/5 - Thickness: 4/5 Shipping: 4/5 Lifetime: 5/5 Portability: 5/5

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Orbaliscious really is a good daily driver. One thing i love more than anything is the orb cluster chamber. Al lows for the best buildup without unevenly weighting the base of the pipe which is great for balance and not dishing out extra cash for another one.

Price wise were looking at a really solid deal, i mean there's no reason this piece couldn't get you at least a solid durable use for 3-4 years of course longer if you don't upgrade too often.

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