"7 Cheech & Chong Pipe -- Go Getter --Green


In homage to the Up in Smoke character, Cheech & Chong present the 7” Go Getter Straight Showerhead Oil Rig. Emblazoned with the official Up in Smoke logo, the Go Getter dab rig is a high functioning concentrate pipe that uses a 2-tiered showerhead perc to iron out even the roughest hits into silky smooth plumes. A simple, straight neck design is stabilized by a generous base that also allows for some decently sized dab rips. A downstem works directly with the showerhead perc to serve up some truly taste concentrate hits. This piece is quality through and through, from the high grade borosilicate contours to the included collectors box. It also comes with an accommodating 14mm glass nail.

Height: 7" inches

Size: 14mm

Material: Glass

Style: Straight Showerhead

Type: Concentrate pipe

Color: Green

Brand: Cheech and Chong

Collectors box included

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