from Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke, the Minivan 8” Bent Neck Showerhead Oil Rig is a dab pipe worthy of its namesake. The bent neck mouthpiece lends itself to some truly relaxed dab sessions with any harshness ironed out by a 2-tiered showerhead perc. This top grade heat-resistant glass wax rig is fashioned with the Cheech & Chong Up in Smoke van logo proudly emblazoned on its visage. Adding onto the convenience of the bent neck, this concentrate pipe also uses a stemless arm. The Mini Bus dab pipe comes in a special collector’s box il.

Height: 8" inches

Size: 14mm

Material: Glass

Style: Bent Neck

Type: Concentrate pipe

Color: Red

Brand: Cheech and Chong

Collectors box included

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