Dragon Ball Z Herb Grinder - 3 Piece Weed Grinder With Pollen Keef Catcher

  • BEST HERB GRINDER: there may be thousands of herb crushers, yet only ours features an amazing design. Now you will carry a unique and splendid grinder that will amaze everybody around you; don’t miss the chance of reminding yourself of your childhood years. Conventional grinders may be acceptable- but who compromises with classic when alternative and innovative design becomes a choice?
  • THE HIGHEST QUALITY: If you really want to grind your herbs and spices till you get fine pollen, then our awesome grinder with kief catcher is just what you need. Thanks to the razor sharp teeth and the 3 pieces design, you’ll able to enjoy the final result without having a single care in this world- keep grinding your herbs, tobacco, spices or tea till you drop.
  • KEEPS YOUR SPICES INSIDE: No, you are not dreaming- when it comes tobacco or herbs, freshness means the world. That’s why our grinder has been constructed by a neodymium magnet- in order to keep your spices fresh inside! Enjoy your fine flavored and fresh pollen.

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