UV Glass Pipe #5

Swirls of UV Reactant Glass circling through this beautiful piece. 14mm joint along with a nice round base allow for maximum comfort and design. 

Height : 7" 

Joint: 14mm 

Type : UV Reactant


E Nail

Electric nail with portable case and remote. Set your temperature to the perfect Degree with this bad boy. Menovo is the leader in innovation for electric nails and this setup is professional as they come with the portability that you're looking for. Available in multiple colors and designs this kit includes

1 x E Nail Core Pack

1 x 20mm Coil Chord & Coil

1 x Universal Enail & Cap

1 X Long Range Remote

1 x Power Chord & Case

1 x UV Reactant 7" Tall Glass Pipe


E nail box will be BLACK in Color for all package deals

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