Quad Mini

 This quad chambered inline perc of a piece is a great little starter rig. Equipped with bowl and nail with dome, this little guy knows how to get the job done without breaking the bank. Hoisting a 14mm male joint and standing at 9" tall with green undertones. 

Height: 9"

Joint: 14mm male 

18+ Only Tobacco use only 


Dab Kit

  • Includes: 3 small hexagon black silicone mats  + 5 silicone wax containers of vibrant Tie Dye colors + 3 nice and shiny gold stainless steel carving tools with removable covers in the middle + 1 black dual silicone container holder
  • Made of food-grade non-stick silicone, BPA free, withstands high temperature (-40¨H to 482¨H)
  • Size: Mats 8" diameter, Container 5 ml, Carving tool 5", Container holder 1.25" inner diameter, perfect match for two containers of 5 ml
  • Easy to use and clean, Freezer/Microwave/Dishwasher safe


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