The pedal activated Semiautomatic Vaporizer Cartridge Filling Machine cuts down on your filling time, rapidly serving up 1ml of concentrate per pedal stroke. This highly efficient machine works with both glass and plastic vape cartridges and is ideal for both topping off and hand filling methods. Operation is basic thanks to an intuitive digital temperature control. Adjustable flow rates and a heated oil delivery system and product reservoir (up to 200°F) allow for work with a vast variety of oil viscosities. You can switch between oils in mere seconds with minimal loss – less than 1ml! The 140ml oil reservoir can be conveniently filled while the machine is in operation. Even challenging vape cartridges are no problem for this machine – from vertical to angle-filled, top post to membrane. It even includes an adapter for filling syringes. Made in the U.S.A., this aluminum and stainless steel machine remains lightweight and portable and features an adjustable height for easy benchtop use. The machine requires a quick, basic set up with 120V AC power and 40psi compressed air. It’s a must for any high functioning dispensary.


  • Automated refilling machine
  • Fills 1ml per stroke
  • Volume product delievery
  • Supports high viscosity oils
  • Syringe fill adapter
  • Inegrated pressure regulator
  • Aluminin / stainless steel
  • Made in the USA

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